Dorrington Respect Agenda

RESPECT Curriculum

As part of our RESPECT Curriculum, this year the whole school will focus on “Pride” – looking at taking pride in everything we do.  This will include taking pride in being on time for school, taking pride in our appearance ensuring that we always look smart for school with the correct uniform, taking pride in the presentation of our work and classroom environment and taking pride in being part of the Dorrington Academy Community.
This half term the school focus is on using our manners in and around school, ensuring that we use our manners to all of the pupils, staff and visitors of the school, addressing people by their name. (Unicef Articles 3, 8 and 30)

Each year group has also chosen something to focus on:

Year group Pride Focus
Reception Taking pride in looking smart for school, making sure shirts are tucked in and school ties are worn
Year 1 Taking pride in wearing the correct uniform and looking smart for school
Year 2 Taking pride in the presentation of our work, ensuring neat handwriting at all times (Unicef Article 29)
Year 3 Taking pride in being a kind and thoughtful member of Dorrington Academy (Unicef Article 29)
Year 4 Taking pride in our conduct
Year 5 Taking pride in the way we treat others (Unicef Article 29)
Year 6 Taking pride in all of the work we produce, ensuring that handwriting is always fluent and accurately joined (Unicef Article 29)