Maths Buzz-off Challenge

Please look in the 'Gallery' section for photos of the event.

With the inaugural games of the Maths Buzz-Off Challenge completed for both KS1 and KS2, the sense of intrigue across the school is rife.

This morning the KS2 children completed their first buzz-off game.
Simeon and Aisha did a great job hosting and running the show; using an iPad to project the scores onto the big screen for all to see.

The children who wanted to participated had the chance before school to put forward their name in their houses ‘goblets’ to be considered for selection.
The draw was done live on stage by Mrs Suttle, selecting the following children to represent their house team:
Diamond - Ricardo 4M, Zenaha 5L, Aman 4W and Uzair 5W.
Sapphire - Laibah 3M, Zaryam 6W, Sienna 4W and Aden 3M.
Ruby - Aisha B 5A, Nelson 5W, Anayah 4A and Azaan 4.
Emerald - Rithika 5L, Pavel 4W, Amar 5L and Parina 3M.

It was a closely fought match with both Ruby and Emerald on level pegging with 5 questions to go. With some fast buzzer action only 10 points separating the final scores, Ruby house were crowned the first house winners of the Maths Buzz-off Challenge with a final score of 75 points.
Emerald came in second with 65 points, Diamonds third with 25 points and Sapphire came last with 15 points.
With all the excitement the buzzers did go off a few times before the question was completed; Simeon added the new rule of ‘If a buzzer goes off too early, the team looses 5 points’. This rule had an immediate impact on the game; improving it for all. Who knows what other rules Aisha and Simeon may add to the game?

If you want to be considered for your house, don’t forget to get to school on time to put your name in the ‘goblets’.