Netball Team

Dorrington Academy Netball Fixtures and Results

Whitecrest Primary School 2 - 11 Dorrington Academy

Dorrington Academy netball team challenged Whitecrest Primary School and won! We are all proud of the team and additionally proud of Whitecrest as they played well against us. We all enjoyed the trip and are hoping to challenge other schools in future. We are thankful to Whitecrest as they kindly offered us biscuits at half time. A big thank you must be given to Miss Witter and Miss Pendleton who took time out of their day to take us to and from the school and have trained us since the start of the year.

Goals: Parina 6R (10), Christian 6S (1)

Match report kindly written by: Tiyah 5D.


Dorrington Academy 10 - 1 Maryvale Catholic Primary School

Dorrington Academy also took on Maryvale school in a thrilling and entertaining netball match. The game was energetic and challenging. Team Dorrington were delighted to record their second victory of the season. The final score was 10 - 1 thanks to our sensational shooters Christian and Parina. We all really enjoyed the game and would like to thank Miss Witter and Miss Pendleton for arranging the match. We would also like to thank our opponents and everyone who came to support us.

Goals: Christian 6S (6), Parina 6R (4)

Match report kindly written by: Tiyah 5D and Avneet 5D.