Our Approach to Learning


Dorrington Academy is a three-form entry school. We have 78 part time places in the nursery unit and we have 3 classes in the Foundation Stage, 6 classes in Key Stage 1 and 12 classes in Key Stage 2.  The school’s establishment consists of the Headteacher plus 32 teachers and 20 Teaching Assistants, 1 ICT Manager, 4 Admin, 8 Cleaners, 18 Lunchtime Supervisors and 4 Dinner Servers.

The Governing Body is active, interested and very supportive of the school’s provision of education in the area. The Headteacher is responsible to the Governors in ensuring LA and school policies are carried out.


The curriculum refers to the whole learning experience of the pupil including:

 Formal programme of study

 A range of areas of experiences

 Values and attitudes


At Dorrington Academy the curriculum is firmly rooted within the context of our aims. All aspects of our curriculum aim to enable the development of the spiritual, moral and social wellbeing of the children, embracing a creative curriculum in order personalise learning opportunities.

It is our aim to be an inclusive school. Inclusion in all aspects requires commitment from all stakeholders and effective strategies for successful implementation. It is our aim to work towards inclusivity, with our school motto being ‘Together We Are Stronger’; this will evolve gradually through short, medium and long term planning, addressing policies, curriculum taught, teaching and learning strategies, communication with all stakeholders, staffing, resources and decision-making processes. Inclusion at Dorrington ultimately will help all our pupils and the rest of the community achieve great things.


The National Curriculum is fully incorporated in our policies and schemes of work to ensure the children get their entitlement.
Dorrington endeavours to be inclusive and provide equal opportunities for all pupils to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others in preparation for their role as citizens.


Whole school planning is undertaken in the light of the National Curriculum areas. Each Curriculum area has its teaching based on policies and schemes of work agreed by staff with supportive guidance and strategies. When children with Special Educational Needs are identified, parents are informed and Individual Education Plans of support are implemented. These are reviewed on a regular basis.

Embedding the use of the International Primary Curriculum

In 2008-09 Dorrington adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and is now entering its sixth full year. IPC is a curriculum which is designed to help children receive a 21st Century education. It is one of the fastest growing curriculums and endorsed by the Local Authority and Government. The IPC sets knowledge, skills and understanding at the heart of every single component.    It includes subject goals, personal goals and international goals.

Subject Goals   cover the knowledge, the skills and understandings for:   language, arts, mathematics, science, information technology, design technology, history, geography, music, physical education, art and society.

Personal Goals refer to those qualities and dispositions children will find essential in the 21st Century.     There are   goals for enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thought, fitness, co-operation, respect and adaptability.

The International Goals refer to the learning goals which have a national and international perspective.

Science/Outdoor Curriculum refers to the developing of the outdoor learning area where science will be taught through specialist teaching in the outdoor environment.

Foreign Language

We continue to develop teaching Spanish throughout the school.    6 members of staff have had training in Barcelona and in addition other members of staff have participated in Basic Spanish Lessons.  The delivery of Spanish is structured into the school curriculum timetable with weekly lessons being supported by daily practice.   Presently we continue to forge links with schools in Barcelona which will add depth to our practice.