Partnerships 2013-14

At Dorrington Academy each class has developed its own partnership. Read about them below.


Nursery and Reception are forming a partnership with the WWF. They are the leading organisation for wildlife conservation and support for endangered species. We are going to adopt an animal each to help support the important work they do and involve the children in learning about animals and about conservation in the wild. Nursery will adopt a panda and Reception a tiger. We will have a dressing up day with lots of fun activities to help raise funds to adopt our animal. The children will learn about the diet, habitat and features of their specific animal. We cannot wait to have our “dressing up” entry point day.

Year 1

1A will be forming a partnership with a local registered charity called Edward’s Trust. Set up by parents of a boy who died 25 years ago, Edward's Trust helps to support all those in and around Birmingham who have been affected by the death of a child or those children who have lost a parent. Grief takes many forms and we will all suffer from it throughout our lives. Learning about how to deal with the feelings of loss is hard and 1A’s partnership – in return for raising funds for the charity – aims to find out about how to deal with feelings of loss and sadness, as well as finding out how we can support each other through difficult times.

1H will be forming a partnership with The Birmingham Dogs' Home. The Birmingham Dogs' Home was founded in 1892 and has been working tirelessly to rescue, reunite and re-home the lost, abused and abandoned dogs from the streets of the West Midlands and South Staffordshire. The Birmingham Dogs' Home operates without any Government funding and relies solely on generous public donations. Through our partnership, we will seek to educate the children about the importance of animal welfare and caring for animals and, in return, Class 1H will be conjuring up exciting and creative ways to raise donations that will support The Birmingham Dogs' Home's vital work within the community. Watch this space!

1T will be forming a partnership with Brockswood Animal Sanctuary. Brockswood Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit making company where all of their profits are used to maintain and provide a safe and secure facility for sick, injured or otherwise unwanted animals. There is a selection of animals at Brockswood including owls, horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, sheep and even an emu! Through our partnership, 1T will be learning how to look after animals and, in return, hope to raise awareness in our community and raise donations to support Brockswood Animal Sanctuary.

Year 2

2H are pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership with Coton-in-the-Elms Primary School in Derbyshire. The children will be writing to each other on a regular basis  to learn about the very different environments in which they both live. 2H then plan to use the knowledge they have learned to teach the other classes in Year 2 when we start the ‘Our World’ topic in the Summer term. As well as this, 2H also hope, as part of Dorrington’s Year of Sport, to start up a regular competition between the two schools that will take place on an annual basis.

2L will be linked with Birmingham City University at Perry Barr Campus. They will be engaging and be involved with the Education Campus team. Children will be invited to the University to use iPads and learn about how technology supports learning. The children will be using iPads and explore the apps that support the development of literacy and numeracy skills. Children will take part in competitions for Literacy and Numeracy whilst there.

2W is in partnership with Birmingham Libraries with a primary link to Tower Hill library. Through this link, children will have access to a wide range of books to help increase their enjoyment of reading. They will regularly visit the library and choose books as a class to use for shared and independent learning. Within guided reading, we will share the books and the children will have opportunities to create posters and reviews of the books that the library will then display. Occasionally, authors visit the libraries and we will be notified and invited to meet them. We will also be involved in competitions that are run by the library.

Year 3

In Year 3, we are partnering with three different primary schools located in different areas of Birmingham - Little Sutton in Four Oaks, Greenholm in Kingstanding and Lea Forest Academy in Kitts Green. The children will be writing letters to each other and hope to learn about life in other schools in different areas of Birmingham. This will help improve their literacy skills and their social, moral and cultural understanding.

Year 4

4HY will be partnering up with Make-A-Wish Foundation Charity. The work they do is invaluable to many children who are living around the country fighting a life-threatening illness. The Make-A-Wish Foundation does just that - makes magical wishes for these brave children come true and this experience gives the child a few precious moments away from their daily struggles. 4HY will develop skills of empathy for these children and take part in fundraising to support the charity.

4L are proud to be in partnership with SIFA Fireside. SIFA Fireside provides a range of services and support sessions for those affected by homelessness. In 2011, the charity was able to secure a 25 year lease of a factory in the Digbeth Area of Birmingham, thanks to a grant from the Social Enterprise Investment Fund (SEIF). Since then, SIFA Fireside has transformed this factory into a welcoming hub that provides a space for people to socialise, receive a hot meal, access amenities, counselling services, medical care and therapy, as well as providing access to services such as re-homing. The dedicated staff and volunteers at SIFA Fireside strive to ensure that all people who come to the centre for help are catered for.

4W are pleased to be in partnership with the local police in the Perry Barr area. The police service plays a vital role in today’s society and it is therefore important that children understand how the police contribute to a safe society. The local PCSO has already visited the school and has discussed the exciting possibility of student PCSOs within Dorrington Academy. We look forward to learning about what everyday life is like as a police officer.

Year 5

5J have established a partnership with a charity supporting people with hearing impairments. With an interest in sign language and an enthusiastic class, I am hoping children will learn how people who are hard of hearing express themselves in the community and how it may affect their daily life. Children will learn basic sign language, teach groups throughout the school, raise awareness and possibly hold an assembly.

5S have made contact with the UK’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance. Every year, 140,000 people die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. Even so, fewer than one in 10 people have been trained in first aid. St John Ambulance want every young person to have the opportunity to learn basic lifesaving skills and they are committed to making sure that more people can make the difference between a life lost and a life saved. It is hoped that 5S will develop the confidence and skills to use in school and beyond. In addition to practical skills, first aid will help the children to learn about values and how to make good choices.

5T are setting up a partnership with Mayfield Special School. Mayfield Special School educates children and young people, between the ages of 3 and 19, who have a range of learning difficulties. They have approximately 230 students on roll and are split across 3 different sites – Lime Tree Children’s Centre, Heathfield Road and HML. They pride themselves on the inclusive work that they carry out with other schools and partners in the community and have developed relationships with local businesses and charities. We are hoping that both schools will benefit from the partnership and develop social skills that will be used throughout life.  We are sure that we will also be able to create long-lasting friendships and develop skills of kindness and patience.

Year 6

6M have created a fantastic partnership with Great Barr Secondary School.  Through this partnership, the children will all have pen pals who they will write to on a regular basis, allowing them to ask questions about the transition to secondary school. They will also get a chance to visit the school in order to experience year 7 in advance and get a feel for KS3 education. The class will get the opportunity to use the facilities available at Great Barr and enhance their learning in English, Science and PE. Staff and pupils from Great Barr will also visit Dorrington and will work collaboratively with the children, providing exciting and invigorating opportunities in preparation for next year.

6G have created a partnership with a year 7 class at King Edwards Camp Hill School.  This partnership will help the children with their transition to secondary school. We have already set up pen pals with the class to whom the children can write and ask questions about what life at secondary school is like. Hopefully, the children at Camp Hill will be able to give the children in 6G lots of words of advice. We hope to get a chance to visit the school in order for the class to gain experience in what it's like to be in year 7 and get a feel for what secondary school education may be like.

6W are developing a fabulous partnership with Hamstead Hall Secondary School. The partnership will have a focus on science and 6W will have the opportunity to work alongside the Hamstead Hall pupils in a collaborative way, in order to enhance their scientific skills. Pupils from the secondary school will visit 6W and work alongside them in a collaborative way to support their scientific understanding. The class will also have the opportunity to use the science facilities at Hamstead Hall, including the laboratories, and will have the chance to participate in a range of exciting and stimulating activities in order to prepare them for KS3.