The Big Challenge

Miss Barratt would like to thank all the children, parents and community support we have been given in completing the Big Challenge. All the money raised will be going to a great cause; to helping children whom have cancer.

Please watch the video below to see what it was like for the team on the climb.

Tuesday 4th November 2014

The Big Challenge to climb mount Snowdon took place; the team from Dorrington and Great Barr set off for the challenge. 
Below find our live update at the time of the climb.
Look on our Gallery in the folder called 'Snowdon' for pictures of the challenge.

16:30 - Last update - Half an hour later than thought but we're back at the bottom, ready for a well deserved break!!

15:42 - Still on way down from Snowdon; sun is slowly starting to set behind the mountain.

14:31 - Just under cloud cover;  the train going down has just passed us.  The views looking down from up here are breath-taking.

14:05 - Going lower; clouds restricting views.  We hope to be down to the base by 4pm.

13:20 - Up on the top of the mountain! It's snowing sideways and is very cold!

13.15 - Nearly there! 

12.15 - Stopping for a quick bite to eat to refuel our energy levels.  Rain has stopped for the moment.  Enjoying the majestic views.

11:30 - We're getting wet now. Half way up the mountain!

11.00 - Still walking up the track; the snow-capped snowdon is slowly approaching.  We're just coming upto the train track which goes up to the summit.  Miss Barratt has got tissues out - crying in despair!

10.00 We have started the ascent!  Well it's very steep to start!

09.30 -  Dropped the bags off at the hotel.  Miss Barratt is still in a state of shock as her room is like staying in Cell Block H, as well as finding out she has to walk another 3 miles!

08.37 - On the twisting roads, nearing Snowdon.  The weather forecast said sleet, however the views show a snow capped mountain!  Will the climb be tougher that we first thought?

08.00 - Back on the road after a healthy breakfast; have a look in the Gallery to see what we had.   Currently on a road in North Wales. 

05:30 - An early rise for the team. They've all met at Great Barr Primary School to get on their mini bus, to get to the base of Snowdon.