Sports Premium


Year of Sport Initiative

• Using the Sports Premium funding we have introduced Dorrington Academy’s Year of Sport
• Focused sports, to run alongside the PE curriculum, are; Handball (Autumn), Hockey (Spring) & Cricket (Summer)
• Children are taught the values of competition in sport, in particular; winning, losing, fair play, team work and respect towards each other and officials
• Children are taught to celebrate their own success and the successes of others
• Children are taught the importance of exercise and a healthy balanced diet
• Competition weeks, at the end of each term, are arranged for all children to participate in. Children will receive a selection of awards including; sporting ability, fair play, team work and respect
• Children will be given the opportunity to see elite competitive sport live by attending several sporting events
• There will be special events within school in honour of the 2014 Fifa World Cup
• Partnerships with other schools will continue to be developed to promote inter school competition

Play Leaders
• Children have had to apply in writing and be selected for the role
• Year 5&6 children have been trained to deliver games to KS1 children
• Succession training for Year 4 is currently in place
• Close partnership with Hamsted Hall Academy has enabled play leaders to referee competitions between primary schools
• Selected children will become trained referees and will lead the during the competition weeks
• School received a national play leader award in 2013

• Staff have received CPD from Governors on hockey skills
• Staff have received Handball and Bosu training
• Staff have received CPD on Assessments and Matalan Topps Cards


Action Plan 2017-18

Action Plan 2016-17                                  Evaluation 2016-17
Action Plan 2015-16                                  Evaluation 2015-16
Action Plan 2014-15
                                  Evaluation 2014-15
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