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Curriculum Organisation and Review


Whole school planning is undertaken in the light of the National Curriculum areas. Each Curriculum area has its teaching based on policies and schemes of work agreed by staff with supportive guidance and strategies. When children with Special Educational Needs are identified, parents are informed and Individual Education Plans of support are implemented. These are reviewed on a regular basis.

With the increased flexibility afforded to us through recent National Curriculum changes we have concentrated on using texts as a vehicle to drive learning across the whole curriculum. We are using reading as the starting point and so we hope children will immerse themselves in the carefully selected texts. Children will be encouraged to develop cross curricular skills and contextualised facts through the use of these texts. When selecting texts we have primarily considered the history curriculum and created ways to inspire, engage and motivate children with their learning.


Learning is a life long process which enables us all to play a full part within society, to contribute to it and benefit from it. All of us, as parents, children, teachers, governors and the community are involved in this process. Our school curriculum is of vital importance as it provides a solid foundation for future life experiences. In particular, our curriculum can provide learning opportunities through planned programmes, shared values and attitudes, which will equip children with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential.

At Dorrington children have the right:


Curriculum Overviews 2017-18

Literacy Autumn 2017-18
Literacy Spring 2017-18
Literacy Summer 2017-18

Numeracy Autumn 2017-18
Numeracy Spring 2017-18
Numeracy Summer 2017-18

Science Autumn 2017-18
Science Spring 2017-18
Science Summer 2017-18

IPC Autumn 2017-18
IPC Spring 2017-18
IPC Summer

Computing Autumn 2017-18
Computing Spring 2017-18
Computing Summer 2017-18

Music Autumn 2017-18
Music Spring 2017-18
Music Summer 2017-18

RE Autumn 2017-18
RE Spring 2017-18
RE Summer 2017-18

PE Spring 2017-18
PE Summer 2017-18


Foundation Stage

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Key Stage 1

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Year 1
Year 2

Key Stage 2

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Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6